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Breaking Down The Barriers To Reading With Jane Walker/Barrington Stoke

The key to unlocking the world of books is finding the right key for all children, including those with dyslexia, to explore, dream, and love reading.

In a collaborative effort to champion literacy for all, renowned speaker Jane Walker teams up with Barrington Stoke for an enlightening webinar on breaking down barriers to reading. In this webinar, Jane Walker will talk about the importance of breaking down these barriers to reading and establishing a setting where children may benefit from the amazing feeling of losing themselves in a good book. It has a strong emphasis on resolving a variety of issues, including dyslexia and visual stress-related reading impairments in children. They will go deeper into the application of reading age identifiers and hi-lo (high interest, low ability) to provide you, as a teacher, the resources you need to support each student's reading journey. The usage of hi-lo (high interest, low ability) and reading age markers will be covered in more detail, giving you, as an educator, the resources you need to support each student's reading journey.  The webinar promises to offer insightful analysis, useful advice, and a common vision of a world in which reading is unbounded.

                                                                     10 AM UTC                                                         4 PM UTC


Jane joined Barrington Stoke 25 years ago with the goal of assisting every child to read. In addition to her current position as Sales and Marketing Director, Jane has held similar positions at Orion Children's Books and Random House Children's Books. Her role as Director of Sales and Marketing helps educators worldwide provide the tools they need to support all readers.

In addition to being a guide, Jane Walker's webinar will be a magical incantation that asks us to join her in her quest to tear down barriers and herald in a new era in which reluctant young readers become brave literary explorers.

In order to break down obstacles to reading, it is important to foster an inclusive culture that recognizes the transformational potential of literature, in addition to providing children with physical access to books.  Let us work to create a world where a wonderful book can bring comfort, inspiration, and delight to any child, no matter what their circumstances or background; where reading knows no bounds, and imagination knows no limits.

We so much hope to see you at the next webinar as we set out on this adventure to remove obstacles and show the way to a world of possibilities.  See you at the webinar, where the adventure begins.

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