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What is PG Online?

PG Online offers a new generation of STEM lesson resources for Science, Design and Technology, Maths, Computer Science and Business. We have a complete series of 20 six-week teaching units to support your KS3 Computer Science teachers, no matter how new they are to the subject.

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Lay the Foundations for Exam Success

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Save Time

PG Online puts over 50 hours of planning, writing, testing, rewriting, editing and polishing into every lesson they create, so that you don’t have to.

Ensure consistently high teaching standards throughout the school

A one-off purchase with no annual subscription means that all teachers in your school can use the high quality resources with all their classes.

An Investment that will Pay Back Many Times

For a class of 20 pupils, a six-week teaching unit costs around £1 per pupil per lesson.

Achieve Better Exam Results

Independent research shows that schools that use PG Online teaching resources achieve higher exam grades, and you can lay the foundations for success with their ready-made KS3 lessons

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