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What is Get My Grades?

Get My Grades is an innovative online learning platform that enables students to learn, revise and assess themselves. It automatically collects data on how students get on in each part of their course, so that parents, teachers and students can track their progress in real-time. It provides more meaningful data to everyone whilst reducing teacher workload.

The Get My Grades platform is simple and easy to use – it is based on good teaching practice and the latest research. It even includes clearly signposted extra content that goes beyond the bare minimum of the course to encourage curiosity and help students make informed decisions about which subjects they might want to study in future.

Key Benefits of Using Get My Grades in Your School

Online Course Content

Give your students constant, remote access to the learning content specific to their course so that they can revise in their own time - at any time.

Effective Exam-Style Questions

Make sure students are accessing high-quality practice questions that probe their understanding fully.

Aligned to all Major Qualifications

Prepare your students thoroughly for their specific course exam. With Get My Grades, you can set effective practice questions from any part of the course in seconds.

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