They Don#t Behave for Me: 50 classroom behaviour scenarios to support teachers

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They Don't Behave for Me supports teachers with some key behavioural scenarios - ranging from classroom disruption and rudeness, to bullying, fights, and even a lack of overall behavioural strategy at a school level. Sam Strickland draws on his own experience to illustrate 50 common situations that he has had to resolve, seek support with, or offer advice on, and which most teachers will face at some point as they progress through their career into middle and senior leadership. Each scenario is broken down into an outline of the issue, a what to do in the immediate now, and a follow-up set of next steps.

We should never condone poor behaviour - but how do we keep going and find the answers to resolve things when they go wrong? This book will guide you from some of the key challenges regularly faced by teachers towards your own approach to effective behavioural management.

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