The Power of Teams: How to create and lead thriving school teams

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In education, resources and time are scarce, yet the demand for performance is sky high. School leaders invest money and labour into improving their schools, navigating trade offs along the way. But what if one of the biggest improvements we could make to our schools was something we already do? What if enhancing teamwork so that school teams thrive, was actually the secret ingredient to success?

The Power of Teams explores evidence from across sectors, including education, to find out what high-performing teams share, and how we can adapt the most effective teamwork strategies to the unique environment of a school. The book outlines a model of teamwork factors that contribute to truly thriving teams, with theory, research, tangible actions for school teams, and a range of expert voices who contribute their experience in case studies.

Effective teamwork leads to purpose, belonging, trust, learning, and, ultimately, high performance. When we better understand the nuances of how teams can thrive, we discover the real Power of Teams.

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