The Arabic Season – Arabic OLD AS

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Based on the requirements of the latest Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary (AS) specification, this unique book is written specifically for the Arabic AS course - but it can easily fit in with any Arabic language course of the same level. The new, revised, 2011 edition of this unique book features: · Coverage of the topic areas of the Edexcel specification in 47 user-friendly 2-page spreads. · New vocabulary, with English meanings. introduced in every topic. · Uses a broad variety of teaching methods: descriptive texts, news items, dialogues, short stories, language comparison and mind-maps. · Exercises throughout, plus examination-style tests, with answers. · Concise explanations about how to add short vowels to words. · Arabic-to-English translating explained through language comparison and step-by-step translation, with many examples. · Detailed advice, with examples, on punctuation and style. · Guide to planning the writing tasks, listing the methods normally used, including mind-maps, with step-by-step instructions and examples. All introductions, teaching texts and explanations are in English to ensure immediate and comprehensive understanding by the students

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