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NEW Cambridge Primary English Workbook with Digital Access Stage 6

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  • With varied activities – including quizzes, completing words and researching – these workbooks help your learners practise what they have learnt. Focus, Practice and Challenge exercises provide clear progression through each topic, helping learners see what they’ve achieved. Ideal for use in the classroom or for homework. Links to 'Language focus' boxes in the learner's book provide more grammar practice.


    • Activities take an active learning approach to help learners apply their knowledge to new contexts

    • Three-tiered exercises in every unit get progressively more challenging to help students see and track their own learning

    • Varied activity types keep learners interested

    • Write-in for ease of use


    • 1. Different voices - different times
    • 2. People in the news
    • 3. Personification and imagery
    • 4. Back to the future
    • 5. The facts of the matter
    • 6. Poetry at play
    • 7. A different medium
    • 8. Make it happen
    • 9. A moment in time.

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