Curriculum to Classroom: A Handbook to Prompt Thinking Around Primary Curriculum

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Curriculum to Classroom is the ideal book for senior leaders and curriculum leads who are in the process of establishing, refining and reviewing their school curriculum. It provides an overview of the curriculum design and delivery process in the Primary phase in its entirety.

It also provides research-based evidence, practical examples and short/medium and long term solutions for your school in light of the 2014 National Curriculum as well as expert opinions from a number of renowned educators on different elements of the curriculum including: creating a powerful and ambitious vision for your school's curriculum intent; how to promote character development; how best to support and empower subject leads; and the fundamental building blocks in terms of implementation of the curriculum.

This book will enable you to consider the many facets of curriculum design and support strategic decision making so your curriculum is meeting and exceeding the expectations of the National Curriculum as well as being unique and bespoke to your school community.

An easy-to-read handbook to prompt thinking and reflections on your school's curriculum and provide practical tools and strategies to take it forward.

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