Collins International Primary Maths — PROBLEM SOLVING AND REASONING STUDENT BOOK 3

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Problem solving and reasoning are focuses in the Cambridge Primary Mathematics Curriculum. It is essential that all students have access to problem-solving and reasoning activities. Some key benefits to problem-solving in maths include:

• Helping pupils grasp diverse mathematical concepts and understand the application of the subject

• Enhancing strategic thinking

• Developing transferable skills

This book consists of three different types of mathematical problem-solving challenges:

1. Solving mathematical problems. This involves pupils solving problems ‘within’ mathematics itself, recognizing patterns and relationships, making conjectures and generalizations, and explaining and justifying conclusions.

2. Reasoning mathematically. This involved pupils using logical thinking to solve problems, focusing on making conjectures and generalizations, and explaining and justifying conclusions using appropriate language.

3. Using & applying mathematics in real-world contexts. This involves pupils engaging in challenges that require them to use and apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in open-ended, real-world contexts.

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