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All four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) are fully covered in a skills-based communicative approach. Content is relevant to the age group and so provides engaging and motivating learning opportunities in real-world contexts. All topics, grammar, and vocabulary are mapped to the syllabus, with clear learning objectives highlighted for each section of each unit. Units follow a carefully planned, consistent structure allowing for reinforcement and progression at every stage.

The course caters for all levels of ability, including the needs of students with less experience of Spanish or those who need more support. Each unit starts with a Listo page to allow for revision and consolidation of earlier language learning. An Introductory unit also serves as a language refresher as well as being specifically designed to engage and enthuse students at the start of the course.

The Student’s Book also offers opportunities for those looking for an extra level of challenge, with activities included to stretch higher-ability students.

The layout of the book is clear and accessible, with boxed features highlighting key points of grammar, vocabulary, or suggestions for taking things further. A checklist towards the end of the unit encourages students to reflect on their progress and is followed by a useful vocabulary section for ease of reference.

Each unit also includes an “El Mundo hispanohablante” spread which offers stimulating, thought-provoking, and enjoyable insights into the culture and society of Hispanophone countries.

Opportunity for practice, consolidation, and revision is provided throughout the course, with exam-style questions in Listening and Reading included to help students develop their skills for success.

Audio files are available as a free download from the Collins website for listening comprehension exercises and the development of oral fluency.

This resource supports both the IGCSE Spanish (0530) and IGCSE (9-1) 7160 syllabuses.

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