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Carnival 3 Workbook (Carnival pre-GCSE series)

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Key features
  • Short passages and dialogues
  • Mind maps (powerful visual tools to simplify teaching and aid memorisation)
  • Clipart / illustrations
  • Vocabulary lists and expression lists
  • Easy verb tense tables
  • Colour differentiation in all the above, as appropriate
  • An additional piece of Arabic at the end of each unit
  • An audio CD providing recordings of all the lesson texts and audio exercises, plus recordings of all the additional pieces at the end of the units
  • A workbook accompanying each of the three books
Carnival 3 Workbook 

As do all the books in the series, Book Three comes with a supplementary workbook. This teaching aid will prove useful to students who can allocate more time to studying Arabic, or to those who struggle with some of the concepts.

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