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Inside the pages of this quirky science book, you'll find:

- Every aspect of science: including biology; space; physics; chemistry; Earth; natural sciences.
- The topic of science presented in a fresh, exciting way, by tackling it from the child's perspective.
- More than 100 real-life questions from children from all around the world about every aspect of science.
- Updated reissue of the 2019 edition with an additional eight new pages, including coverage of important recent topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The inspiration behind this unique science book came from the many questions posed by Robert Winston's grandchildren and by children from the schools he has visited over the years. The book includes some of these questions, plus many more gathered from countries all over the world - including the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, Canada, the USA, India, China, and Japan. The 100 big questions featured inside the book cover all the main science topics: chemistry, physics, biology, Earth, space, and natural science.

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